M. Stanley WhittinghamM. Stanley Whittingham, SUNY Distinguished Professor

B. A., 1964, Chemistry, Oxford University, UK
M. A., D. Phil., 1968, Solid State Chemistry, Oxford University, UK
Research Associate, 1968-1972, Materials S&E, Stanford University, CA

665 Chemistry
Phone: (631) 632-5724

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2012-Present SUNY Distinguished Professor

2011-Present Research Professor and Director NECCES EFRC, SUNY Stony Brook

2001-Present Professor of Materials Science, Director Materials Science and Engineering Program

1988-Present Professor of Chemistry, Director of the Institute for Materials Research, State University of New York at Binghamton.

1984-1988 Dir. of Physical Sciences and Member of Scientific Staff, Schlumberger-Doll Res.

1972-1984 Director of Solid State and Catalytic Sciences Laboratory; Manager, Chemical Engineering Technology Division; and Member of Scientific Staff, Exxon Res & Eng.


(Total > 240 publications, 16 US Patents and 250 invited presentations)

5 Recent Relevant Publications

1. M. S. Whittingham : Lithium Batteries and Cathodes, Chemical Rev., 104: 4271-4301 (2004)

2. H. Zhou, S. Upreti, N. A. Chernova, G. Hautier, G. Ceder, and M. S. Whittingham “Iron and Manganese Pyrophosphates as Cathodes for Lithium Ion Batteries”, Chemistry of Materials, 2011, 23:293-300.

3. M. S. Whittingham, “Materials Challenges Facing Electrical Energy Storage”, Mater. Res. Soc. Bulletin, 2008, 33: 411-420

4. M. S. Whittingham, “History, Evolution, and Future Status of Energy Storage”, IEEE Proc., 2012, 100: 1518-1534.

5. Z. Li, N. A. Chernova, M. Roppolo, S. Upreti, C. Petersburg, F. M. Alamgir, and M. S. Whittingham, “Comparative study of the capacity and rate capability of LiNi Mn Co O (y =0.5, 0.45, 0.4, 0.33)”, y y 1-2y 2 J. Electrochem. Soc., 2011, 158: A516-A522.

5 Other Significant Publications

6. C. Ban, Z. Li, Z. Wu, M. J. Kirkham, L. Chen, Y. S. Jung, E. A. Payzant, Y. Yan, M. S. Whittingham, and A. C. Dillon “Extremely Durable High-Rate Capability of a LiNi0.4Mn0.4Co0.2O2 Cathode Enabled by Single–Wall Carbon Nanotubes”, Advanced Energy Materials, 2011, 1: 58-62.

7. F. Omenya, N. A. Chernova, S. Upreti, P. Y. Zavalij, K-W. Nam, X-Q. Yang, and M. S. Whittingham, “Can Vanadium Be Substituted into LiFePO ?”, Chem. Mater., 2011, 23: 4733-4740.

8. S. Upreti, N. A. Chernova, J. Xiao, J. K. Miller, O. V. Yakubovich, J. Cabana, C. P. Grey, V. L. Chevrier, G. Ceder, J. L. Musfeldt, and M. S. Whittingham, “Crystal Structure, Physical Properties, and Electrochemistry of Copper Substituted LiFePO4 Single Crystals”, Chem. Mater., 2012, 24: 166-176.

9. W. Zhou, S. Upreti and M. S. Whittingham “Electrochemical performance of Al-Si-Graphite composite as anode for lithium-ion batteries”, Electrochemistry Communications, 2011, 13: 158-161.

10.R. Zhang, S. Upreti and M. S. Whittingham, “Tin-Iron Based Nano-Materials as Anodes for Li-Ion Batteries”, J. Electrochem. Soc., 2011, 158: A1498-A1504

Awards and Distinctions

Fellow, Materials Research Society, 2013

IBA Yeager Award for Lifetime Contributions to Lithium Battery Materials Research, 2012

ACS NERM Award for Contributions to Chemistry, 2010

SUNY Chancellors Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities, 2007

The Electrochemical Society, Fellow 2004, Battery Research Award, 2002

JSPS Fellow, Physics Department, Tokyo University, 1993

Electrochemical Society Young Author Award, 1971

Gas Council Scholar, Oxford University, 1964-1967

Professional Activities

American Chemical Society (Chairman Solid State subdivision of Inorganic Division 1987; Chair Binghamton section 1991); American Physical Society; The Electrochemical Society (Chairman New York Section 1980); Materials Research Society (Chair, Academic Affairs Committee; Symposium Chair: Materials for Energy Storage, Spring 20 12); ICDD-JCPDS. Int. Society for Solid State Ionics (Chair, Int meeting Warsaw 2011; Past-President).

Principal Editor - Solid State Ionics (1980-1999); Advisory Editorial Board - Chemistry of Materials (new ACS journal) 1989-1996, Materials Research Bulletin, 2001-2005.

Research and Education

Dr. Whittingham's research interests are in the synthesis and characterization of novel transition metal oxides that might find application in energy storage, conversion and separations or as sensors. His research group emphasizes novel approaches to synthesis, mostly around ambient temperature, that often allow structures to be formed that are not stable under the high temperature conditions often used for preparing oxides. Such materials then often have fairly open or layered structures that can readily undergo redox and other chemical reactions with structure retention. A wide variety of characterization tools are used to determine the structure, including x-ray diffraction, NMR, SEM/TEM, TGA, FTIR and ionic conductivity. The multidisciplinary approach used allows students (both undergrad.and graduate) to become familiar with the scientific approaches used by other disciplines, and the skills learnt in research are then transferred to undergraduate courses (with NSF $). Major participant with NSF funding in introducing Materials into the Introductory Chemistry Curriculum (with U. Wisconsin); extendingprior NSF funded effort at Binghamton placing more materials and relevance into the chemistry curriculum.

Collaborators & Other Affiliations

Collaborators and Co-Editors (last 48 months and outside Binghamton)

Clare Grey (Research Collaboration for DOE project) SUNY Stony Brook

Gerbrand Ceder (Research Collaboration for DOE project) MIT

Members of the DOE-EFRC-NorthEastern Center for Chemical Energy Storage Stony Brook, NY

Anne Dillon (Article in J. Materials Chemistry 2009) NREL, Colorado

Graduate and Postdoctoral Advisors (retired)

P. G. Dickens, Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford University, UK Graduate advisor

R. A. Huggins, Dept. of Materials Sci. & Eng., Stanford University, CA Postdoctoral advisor

Thesis Advisor and Postgraduate-Scholar Sponsor (last 5 years)

Postgraduate Scholar (7): A. Ramanan, P. Zavalij (U. Maryland), S. Sigaryov (Russia), B. Pirquennard (CNRS), P. Sharma (Penn State), N. Chernova, S. Upreti (Primet), B. Fang (Calif.), R. Zhang

Graduate students (45): M. Ma (PhD, 2006), Jiajun Chen (PhD 4/07), Joel Christian (PhD 12/07), Chen Chen (PhD 12/07), Fan Quan (PhD 2/08), C. Ban (PhD 10/08), Jie Xiao (PhD 8/08), Chris Jacobs (MS2008), Jian Hong (PhD 9/09), Shijun Wang (PhD 12/09), Megan Roppolo (PhD 10), R. Zhang (PhD 6/11), Z. Li (PhD 7/11), J. Miller (PhD 8/11), Wenchao Zhou (PhD 2012), Hui Zhou (PhD 2012).

Undergraduates (21): Charlotte Zaremba* (PhD-UC Santa Barbara); David Schoonmaker‡; Adam Skoczylas; Paul Schnier* (PhD-UC Berkeley); Jennifer Monteith* (now at Columbia University); Gregory Moore, Tom Chirayil, Stacia Wagner, Jacki Hinz*, Caroline Freitag*, James Reho* (PhD-Princeton), Billlie Abrams, Lisa Boylan (Corning), Sean Kelly (now at UNC), Mark Mamac, Melissa McCartney (MRS award winner), Kinson Kam‡ (MRS award winner), Michael Chin*, Wai Chun Lan, Luke Moseley, Christine Manlulu and Melanie Thornhill.

* Participated in NSF-DMR summer program in Solid State Chemistry; ‡ Chemistry degree with emphasis in Materials.